Dolores River, Colorado


Image# 19522
Dolores River from above

Image# 19520
Canyon Walls above Dolores River

Image# 19410
River Runners camp
Mule Shoe Bend

Image# 19421
Moon lit river rafters camp
with stars above

Image# 19423
Stars over Mule Shoe Bend
with moonlight
Sequence 1 of 3

Image# 19424
Stars over Mule Shoe Bend
without moonlight
Sequence 2 of 3

Image# 19425
Same shot at Mule Shoe Bend
at dawn
Sequence 3 of 3

Image# 19426
Dinosaur tracks in mud stone

Image# 19454
Collared Lizard at edge of River

Image# 19434
Rafters entering Paradox Canyon

Image# 19429
River rafts tied up

Image# 19518
Family in paddleboat on commercial trip

Image# 19404
View from tent at camp

Image# 19395
Rafter cooking lost bread for breakfast

Image# 19514
Playing music with campfire breakfast

Image# 19515
Hikers climbing down Slick Rock

Image# 19517
Hikers climbing down into Leach Creek Canyon

Image# 19396
Hiker above Bull Canyon

Image# 19521
Dolores River

Image# 19451
Dolores River from above at Mile 111

Image# 19516
Hikers looking at river from perch on Slick Rock

Image# 19411
Mule Shoe Bend, an entrenched
meander in the River

Image# 19405
Rafters eating breakfast
see larger image

Image# 19444
Arch at a side Canyon near Mile 110

Image# 19422
Near full moon over campsite

Image# 19440
Flume system built in 1890 to move water to goldmines, project failed
see image larger

Image# 19519
Dolores River from above the rim around Gypsum Valley



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