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Image #11059
Young Barred Owl with Green Anole Lizard
Baton Rouge, Louisiana




 Image #11077
Young Barred Owl perched near nest.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 Image #13210
Barred owl camouflaged by the
surrounding vegetation



 Image #14881
Barred Owl catches a crawfish and lands
on a baldcypress log


 Image #22303
Barred owl flying with crawfish in claws




Image #12527
Barred Owl perched in Tupelo Gum tree

Image #15423
Barred owl perched on bald cypress tree




Image #21611
Barred Owl
Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana


Image #11061
Young barred owl with green anole lizard.




Image #BI-BAOW-1566
Barred owl camouflaged in tree near nest

Image #BI-BAOW-2012
Barred owl perched on tree limb




Image #14879
Barred Owl and crawfish on Bald Cypress log


Image #12525
Young barred owls in Cypress Tree
Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana




Image #14878
Pair of young Barred Owls venture out
on a limb near their nest hole

Image #BI-BAOW-4876*
Fledgling barred owl near nest in the Cat Island
National Wildlife Refuge flooded by high waters of Mississippi River



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