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Image# 15126
Johnny Johnson emptying crawfish trap



Image# 15339
Crabbing in the Atchafalaya

Image# 15111
Calvin Voisin hoop-net fishing
for channel catfish



Image# 20033
Calvin Voison baits hoop net

Image# 15121
Moss pickers loading truck

Image #21225
Commercial Fishermen cleaning his
boat on Bayou Gravenburg

Image# 15125
Family using set nets to crawfish

Image# 15124
Johnny Johnson (left) and Wilbert Hebert
checking crawfish trap line

Image# 21226
Commercial Fishermen's campsite
on Bayou Gravenburg

Image# 22049
Gwen Carpenter does quilting on her
 porch of houseboat

Image# 16217
Crawfisherman checking traps

Image# 16218
Crawfisherman Johnny Johnson in pirogue

Image# 17973
Gwen Carpenter on deck of her
houseboat at sunrise

Image# 20064
Tommy Meyer & Calvin Voison on
house barge with dogs

Image# 19650
Young Couple that lives in houseboat in
swamp in route to fishing trap

Image# 19652
Calvin and Gwen heading to
crawfish traps on rainy day

Image# 22047
Gwen Carpenter at Pajo Curry's
house on River

Image# 17988
Gwen Carpenter gathering eggs
 Note chickens on boardwalk during flood

Image# 19659
Gwen Carpenter cuts firewood
for wood stove

Image# 19658
Gwen Carpenter tends her garden

Image# 15120
Kelly Falcon catching a
Diamond Back water snake



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