Image# 17973
Gwen Carpenter on deck of her
houseboat at sunrise



Image# 12532
Calvin and Gwen on the house
barge screened porch

Image# 17977
Portrait of Calvin Voison and Gwen Carpenter




Image# 17988
Gwen Carpenter gathering eggs


Image# 20064
Tommy Meyer & Calvin Voison
on house barge with dogs




Image# 15119
Gwen Carpenter, CC Lockwood, Calvin Voisin,
and Alciede Verrett at the house barge


Image# 19662
Gwen Carpenter sewing on screen porch




Image# 20029
Gwen Carpenter with her whippet
on house barge porch


Image# 19650
Young couple that lives in houseboat
in swamp in route to fishing traps




Image# 19659
Gwen Carpenter cuts firewood
for wood stove


Image# 14622
Gwen and Calvin relax in pirogue in
water hyacinth covered Sawyer's Cove




Image# 20027
Alcide Verret with guests having
coffee in swampland home


Image# 20025
Pajo, a full time swamper,
in front of home




Image# 20067
Jack Rudloe, National Geographic writer,
visits Calvin and Gwen's house barge


Image# 15023
Cajuns paddle, push, and pull
pirogue through Water Hyacinth




Image# 15106
Alciede Verrett, an Atchafalaya
Basin Crawfisherman


Image# 20066
Thanksgiving dinner on house barge




Image# 19658
Gwen Carpenter tends her garden


Image# 19663
Gwen Carpenter and her whippet
on her house barge and swamp




Image# 20062
Gwen Carpenter preparing to weld


Image# 20065
House barge that Calvin and
Gwen lived on




Image# 20058
Calvin Voison preparing hoop net for catfish


Image# 19652
Calvin and Gwen heading to
crawfish traps on rainy day




Image# 20024
Gwen Carpenter washing her
hair on deck of house barge


Image# 20033
Calvin Voison baits hoop net


Image# 20063
House barge on foggy morning


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